We supply a complete range of emergency vehicles and support facilities. Call us for a quote on 0208 875 5758!

Whether you are organising a mass participation cross country run and require 4x4 vehicles or a music festival and require ambulances and a field hospital then we can assist with your requirements.

4x4 Response

Our response vehicles are fully equipped to an advanced life support level and are perfect for ensuring a paramedic, nurse or doctor arrives at the scene in a timely manner.

A & E Ambulance

Our accident and emergency ambulances are fully equipped to deal with adult and paediatric patients to a critical care level.

Cycle / Motorbike Response

We can provide a number of fully equipped cycle response units or motorbike response units when required.

Field Hospital

We can provide a number of speed shelter major incident tents that are ideal to supplement an ambulance or response vehicle on an event. For larger events, we offer large medical tents and full field hospital facilities catering for greater amounts of attendees.